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I can’t stop laughing. And now I’m going to be looking at Dorris McComics for the rest of the afternoon.

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Supersonic Visits: A Day in the Life of Matt Ritchie.

Recently, photographer Shaun Roberts shadowed Matt Ritchie throughout a normal day’s routine and the result is nothing less than a stunning portrait of a genuine, truly gifted artist.

Matt Ritchie lives and works in Castro Valley, California.  He creates his art throughout the day - he’s done everything under the sun artistically, from illustration to miniature, hand drawn and painted sculptures which are currently on view in a solo show, “Confero,” at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, California until August 23rd - while also working full time as a Park Ranger for the city of Fremont.

This delicate balance of work, creation and lack of sleep should be familiar to any artist and the photographs below paint a beautiful portrait of Ritchie’s devotion to his desire to create, speaking a thousand words on the nature of just what it means to be an artist.  Continue below for over 35 excellent photographs:

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Somebody thinks it’s her turn to drive. #atx #dog #gsd

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Inspiration Arrives When You Stop Seeking It

Inspiration Arrives When You Stop Seeking It

I spend an ungodly amount of time every day looking at a screen.

At work, I’m in front of a computer. At home, I’m doing something on my phone, or I’m on my laptop working on code, or digging around for reference photos, or compulsively reading CNN and browsing Tumblr (let’s be real, probably Tumblr).

Ever since I started as a day-time cubicle dweller, it’s gotten substantially worse. This is to…

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“ Life is a garden, not a road. We enter and exit through the same gate. Wandering, where we go matters less than what we notice. ”

—    Kurt Vonnegut (via likeafieldmouse)
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